Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is different about Wheelie Fit Mums?

1.  You can come on any days you like.  It doesn't need to be the same day/s every week.

2.  You can cancel with 24 hours notice and not waste your sessions due to sickness, unpredictable schedules.

3.  You can buy, book and cancel online.  Saving trees, and time.

4.  You may get loyalty discounts when your re-purchase, and at other local businesses by being a WFM!

5.  We are the original stroller fitness business in Chch, and we offer the most affordability, and the most flexibility of any other provider.

6.  We operate outside, it's fresh, and we like that.

7.  We offer a programme that works for beginners who walk, and those who are more advanced and can run.

8.  We DO NOT do sit ups in our sessions.  Trainers that give postnatal mums sit ups as an exercise do not know enough about postnatal exercise. 

9.  We love what we do.  And we love mums.:)

And lastly, we are not a bootcamp.  We are an ongoing outdoor fitness class for mums wishing to exercise with their children. You can start whenever you like. We believe fitness should be part of your life, not just for 8 weeks!  You can use our classes to fit in exercise until your child outgrows us!

Q.  How do I pay?

All transactions are processed in New Zealand Dollars. The payments are handled using DPS' secure hosted payment gateway. We do not store, capture or hold any credit card details on our website or server.

Once you have filled in the join form, you can login to the members area using your email address and password (the one you set yourself on the join form) and you can purchase sessions here using your credit or debit card. Just jump online and purchase in the members area once you have filled in the form. You will be able to book your sessions straight after this has been done.

Q.  I am pregnant with my first child, can I join?

As this is a stroller fitness session you are able to come along once your baby is born.  If you fall pregnant again and wish to continue while pregnant you can.  You are most welcome to bring more than one child to the session.

Q.  It says I have no sessions?

If you haven't been in a while, your sessions may have expired. Please email to check. Also remember sessions are taken out of your account in advance of your attendance.  

 Q. When is it safe to start?

You can join Wheelie Fit Mums after you have had clearance from your doctor or midwife.  This is usually between 6 and 10 weeks depending on the type of delivery you have had.  Every person is different, but you will know best when you feel your body is ready to return.  Wheelie Fit Mums highly recommends starting pelvic floor exercises soon after birth.  All members must fill in the online health pre-screening form before they can commence their first session.  A trainer will advise you on the level you need to exercise at dependent on many personal factors.

Q.  What exercises are "safe" in the postnatal stage?

Wheelie Fit Mums does not advocate running for most mums before 6 months post-birth, longer for some.  Many things are dependent upon previous fitness training/experience, birth complications, technique and control of the pelvic floor. There are many exercises unsuitable for the postnatal stage, these can include (but are not limited to): sit ups, planks, jumps, burpees.  In additional we do not advocate exercising with your baby in a front-pack.  This is dangerous for your baby and bad for your body. If your trainer has you doing these exercises, they probably lack knowledge in postnatal training, and you should ask them about their qualifications.  In addition remember that damage to the pelvic floor can be permanent and result in prolapse that can require surgery, so ALWAYS gradually return to exercise and take care of your body for the future. 

Q.  Can I bring along a family member, friend, child on a bike, or a dog?

Unfortunately no.  This is a stroller fitness class for mums. If you have a friend that fits this description please contact us to arrange a trial session. Other relatives/friends are not able to participate.  Older children on bikes cannot keep up with the group and so are also unable to participate.  Dogs are not permitted.

Q.  I can only come once a week, is that enough?

Coming once a week is a good start to forming a habit.  However to see good fitness improvements and achieve weight loss you need to include exercise as part of your lifestyle on a regular basis. If you aren't able to come to more than one session try and do some extra walking or low impact cardio, plus some of the exercises I show you in our sessions.  You should try and aim for 4x 30 min-1 hour sessions every week to get the best results. 

Q.  Is my child too old?  Can I bring more than 1 child?

If your child can still fit into a stroller, you can come along to Wheelie Fit Mums™. Older children can be entertained by having small toys, snacks and they love watching all the Mums have fun doing exercises. You're also being a great role model for your child by demonstrating exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle.  We have lots of mums participating with older children.  You can bring more than 1 child, many mums do, it's just double the workout!!

Q.  Where do you meet?  

Riccarton:  NEW MEETING PLACE- We meet on the carpark side of the perdestrian bridge into the Botanic Gardens from the Main car park. This is the bridge going into the Botanical Gardens from the Armagh St carpark.  

We ALWAYS leave promptly so it is best to get there with a few minutes to spare.  Remember, the car park in the summer months is very busy, so allow plenty of time.


Q. What to wear?

  • Layers of clothing, we warm up and cool down quickly, and weather is changeable in all seasons

  • Hat, scarf and gloves in winter for Mum and baby

  • Hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses in summer for Mum and baby

  • Comfortable supportive trainers or walking shoes

  • Supportive, correctly fitted bra

Q. What not to forget?

  • Drinks for Mum and baby

  • Sunscreen 

  • Easy to eat snacks for toddlers

  • Toy/Books for toddlers

  • Raincover / Sunshade for stroller 

  • Yoga mat, picnic blanket or old towel is NECESSARY in winter months April-Sep

Q.  What if my baby needs me?

If possible try to feed your baby before the session so they don't get hungry half way through, and you can get a good workout. If you are breastfeeding you will also feel more comfortable to exercise.  We do stop often giving you the opportunity to tend to your child, however the other mums will continue to workout   You can re-join the group as soon as it is practical for you. 

Q.  What if it rains?

In slight showers or drizzle we will still go ahead, however on days where it is either unsafe or impractical to workout, the session may be cancelled.  All cancellations are posted on the session info page under the "cancellations" tab. (1 hour prior to the start time)  You will then need to book into another session on another day.  Your session credit will be refunded to your account.

Q.  What social events do you organise?

This year we will be meeting up for drinks, movie nights, picnics, and all things social!  These events are great opportunities to get to know your fellow fitness buddies, and build friendships.  We all love being mums, but isn't nice to get out for a night and kick up your heels!  Social events are all organised through the Wheelie Fit Mums Facebook page.