Specials and updates

$5 off all physiotherapy appointments with our friends at Elite Physiotherapy located at 309 Riccarton Road. Experienced Womens Health physio who can assess you for pelvic pain, back pain, pelvic floor issues, carpal tunnel, weak or split abdominals, general aches and pains associated with pregnancy or post- natally.

Session Times 

Sessions times are found by viewing the timetable. Sessions times change for winter and summer so please be aware of this.


Hagley Park carparking can be found at the Riccarton Avenue carpark located next to Hagley Park Tennis Club on Riccarton Avenue.  Look for the blue and white footpath sign.  This is the easiest carpark to use for your first session as all you need to do is walk to the end and meet on the car park side of the bridge.  Carparking is also available in the Armagh Street carpark follow the path to the left of the cafe to the west bridge.